Here in the beautiful Mid North Coast and all around the world!


In everything we do today let us be mindful, be aware, be present.

This mindfulness is Yoga.

Let’s roll out our mats and practice Asana (physical postures).

Let’s practice Pranayama (breathing – energy control).

Let’s get quiet…by letting go of our attraction to all the external and internal distractions, and focusing on one thing.

Let’s focus on our breath, a Mantra, or a single point to stare at.

Let’s feel a connection to our Self, others and the planet.

Let’s experience internal peace.

Yoga is a practice for living well. Living well in all areas of our life. From what we eat and drink, to what we think – Yoga guides us to be mindful of all our choices. Yoga is not just about the poses and the physical benefits, in fact the practice of Yoga is really all about letting go of the ‘fluctuations of our mind’.

yoga chitta vritti nirodha

Yoga is a way to create harmonious living by practicing awareness and living according to some basic guidelines that support ourselves, others and the planet. Compassion, truthfulness, taking only what is our own, abstaining from overindulging, and living simply so others may simply live…are some Yogic principles. Taking care of ourselves, learning to be content and accepting of what is, studying ancient texts and observing ourselves, being motivated to take correct action, and connecting to something greater are also practices that Yoga teaches.

I practice Yoga because it makes me feel good – body, mind and spirit. For me, Yoga sums up everything that I have studied over the past 30 years. It is a simple system for living well. Yoga is uncomplicated. It is beautifully simple.

So, on this International Day of Yoga 2016 I reaffirm my commitment to the practice and teaching of Yoga. I vow to practice and teach all that I know. I vow to share all the facets of Yoga with my students as best I can.

Ask me – in person, or message me – your questions about Yoga…because I love to talk about Yoga and share how it has impacted my life.

Overall, Yoga to me can be summed up by the idea of being ‘nice’. ‘Nice’ can be so underrated…but being nice is not always easy…and doesn’t mean being a push-over either! Be nice to yourself, other people, animals and the environment.

Let’s be kind to ourselves and others, tread lightly on planet Earth and have a beautiful day.


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