So, to begin this year I ended the last year with contemplation on what energy I want to call forth most strongly in myself. I reflected on the past year, 2016…myself in it…and felt into how I want  to show up in this new year…the virtues I want to shine bright.

Over the past 4 years I have maintained an almost daily practice of repeating a chosen mantra 108 times, using my Japa Mala beads. This commitment has deepened my experience of meditation and the resulting benefits have been remarkable – more peace and calm inside and out!

Each year I have picked a mantra that I felt would enable me to remain more aligned with virtues which are important to me, and ones that I felt a need to strengthen, in order to direct new outcomes in my life. Virtues can be summed up as ‘what is good about us’. They are the content of our character, the expression of our soul, our highest purpose. Love, kindness, compassion, respect, service, trust and patience are all virtues.

This year I have chosen the Moola Mantra, a powerful Vedic Sanskrit chant. This mantra is said to awaken humanity to its divinity, and to end our suffering. When practiced it expands our awareness and raises our consciousness.


I chose this Mantra as this year I wish to embody this love, bliss and joy, and extend this to all who come into my life. I wish to inspire all with whom I interact to experience this for themselves.

Because…I see the suffering, the pain, the ill-health of this planet and its inhabitants…and I wish that we all…each and every one of us begin to think, say and do ‘better’.

Healing begins inside…in our thoughts and feelings, which direct what we say and do.

I see that we ALL NEED to be making better choices for ourselves, others, and Earth.

It (life) is NOT all about us…but each and every one of us influences the collective experience of all. We do not enter this life alone…we are all connected. What we do does matter as it affects more than we may ever know. The Butterfly Effect – small causes can have large effects – and remember, if metaphorically we are all butterflies then…the interplay of cause and effect is mindboggling.

This Mantra invokes our own humanity…humility and respect for all, beginning with self, and reaching to…everything. It is asking us to be the best human beings we can be.

I want to be the best I can be. I want to think the right things, say the right words, and do what is right…not only for me, but for my kids, my family, friends, strangers and this planet I live on and take so much from.

I hope that this Mantra firms up my self-discipline so that my practice is more consistent, that my thinking is true and correct, my words are wiser and all that I do is a reflection of the virtues that I think are most valuable.

Let this be true for me this year.

Hari Om Tat Sat

~ That is Truth ~



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