Thank you…thank you…thank you…to those who nominated me and also to The Yoga Lunchbox for creating such an opportunity, not only for recognition, but more importantly to shine the light of Yoga.

Yoga has held me in its embrace since my first encounter when my mum took me with her to her class with Swami Sarasvati. I was young, 14 years old I think, but mum thinks I may have been younger. It was an awesome initiation: with huge timber stairs to climb on the way up to the studio, incense filling the air, chanting, weird poses to do, and some vigorous breathing (which later I would learn to be Pranayama). I was hooked!

My interest in Yoga has never ceased, however, over the years my dedication to practice has waxed and waned, and seen me explore many different styles. I am happy to say that over the last 8 years my practice has been consistent, and daily in the many expressions of practice that Yoga itself is –  the simple practice of mindfulness, the application of Yama and Niyamas (Yoga’s ethical codes of conduct), Asana (posture) practice, Pranayama (energy control via breath control exercises), meditation, cleansing practices, and, most importantly for me, self-reflection (Svadhyaya).

I practice Yoga because I feel better when I practice. It eases my body, mind and spirit.

Yoga is truly a journey of the self, through the self, to the Self.


I hope that reading this article, put together by the inspirational Kara-Leah Grant and the team at The Yoga Lunchbox, moves you deeper into your Yoga practice…or begins you on a journey through your self to your Self.

Please get comfy and settle in to read some absolutely heart warming experiences of Yoga, from both the perspectives of these outstanding Yoga Teachers, but also from some of the students who nominated them. Go here to begin reading.



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